A simple emacs package to disconnect from the online world.
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A simple package to disconnect from the online world for a while, possibly reconnecting later. Any interruptions or distractions which occur once the command is run are guaranteed to be local.


the package can be installed from melpa M-x package-install [RET] quiet [RET]


M-x quiet will disconnect from the network, optionally reconnecting after a certain time.

the function quiet can be used anywhere in emacs where a lack of network access could be seen as a feature, e.g. as a mode-hook (or with defadvice) to your preferred distraction free writing environment.


M-x quiet-reconnect will manually reconnect to the network, however you can enable a timer to automatically reconnect by setting quiet-timer to a number of minutes. e.g. (setq quiet-timer 60) will enable quiet to reconnect after one hour. if quiet-timer is set to 0 it won't reconnect automatically.

network interfaces

you may want to customize or setq quiet-disconnect and quiet-connect to the appropriate shell commands to turn your network (or single interface) on or off.

  • MacOS (current default). networksetup -setairportpower airport {on,off}
  • GNU/Linux. ifup wlan0 and ifdown wlan0
  • *BSD. service netif {stop, start}