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** Latour Litanizer

"When writing Alien Phenomenology I found myself wondering, what would happen if we put ontography, Latour Litany, and carpentry together? Here’s one simple take, a 'Latour Litanizer.' It uses Wikipedia’s random page API to generate lists of things [...] Like all Latour Litanies, this little gadget underscores the rich diversity of things. It also reminds us that human beings are among them, since a large number of Wikipedia articles describe living and historical persons." —Ian Bogost

This is a simple version of Ian Bogost's method of generating "Latour Litanies" in emacs as a further (or furthering) exercise in ontography, metaphorism, and carpentry.

** Litanizing
~M-x litanize~  will generate a litany in a new buffer

~M-x insert-litany~ will generate a litany at the point

** Further