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half added social screen

parent fb4b99fd
......@@ -91,7 +91,6 @@
;; version to check the entity has the key
(define (entity-set-value! key type value)
(msg "entity-set-value!")
(let ((existing-type (ktv-get-type (get-current 'entity-values '()) key)))
(if (equal? existing-type type)
......@@ -102,8 +101,7 @@
(msg "entity-set-value! - adding new " key "of type" type "to entity")
(entity-add-value-create! key type value)))
(msg "done entity-set-value!")))
(entity-add-value-create! key type value)))))
(define (date-time->string dt)
......@@ -528,6 +526,25 @@
(layout 'fill-parent 'wrap-content 1 'centre 0)
(lambda (t) (fn t))))))
(define (mspinner-other-vert id text-id types fn)
0 'vertical
(layout 'fill-parent 'wrap-content 1 'centre 5)
(list 0 0 0 0)
(text-view (symbol->id id)
(mtext-lookup text-id)
30 (layout 'wrap-content 'wrap-content 1 'centre 5))
(spinner (make-id (string-append (symbol->string id) "-spinner"))
(map mtext-lookup types)
(layout 'wrap-content 'wrap-content 1 'centre 0)
(lambda (c) (fn c)))
(mtext-scale 'other)
(edit-text (make-id (string-append (symbol->string id) "-edit-text"))
"" 30 "normal"
(layout 'fill-parent 'wrap-content 1 'centre 0)
(lambda (t) (fn t))))))
(define (mclear-toggles id-list)
......@@ -559,7 +576,6 @@
(entity-get-value key)))
((eq? widget-type 'image-view)
(let ((image-name (entity-get-value key)))
(msg "updating image widget to: " image-name)
(if (image-invalid? image-name)
(update-widget widget-type (get-symbol-id id-symbol) 'image "face")
(update-widget widget-type (get-symbol-id id-symbol) 'external-image
......@@ -261,18 +261,20 @@
;; get an entire entity, as a list of key/value pairs
(define (get-entity-plain db table entity-id)
(msg "get-entity-plain")
(let* ((entity-type (get-entity-type db table entity-id)))
((null? entity-type) (msg "entity" entity-id "not found!") '())
(lambda (kt)
(lambda (kt r)
(let ((vdv (get-value db table entity-id kt)))
(if (null? vdv)
(msg "ERROR: get-entity-plain: no value found for " entity-id " " (ktv-key kt))
(list (ktv-key kt) (ktv-type kt)
(list-ref vdv 0) (list-ref vdv 2)))))
(cons (list (ktv-key kt) (ktv-type kt)
(list-ref vdv 0) (list-ref vdv 2)) r))))
(get-attribute-ids/types db table entity-type))))))
;; get an entire entity, as a list of key/value pairs, only dirty values
......@@ -47,6 +47,10 @@
(define education-list '(illiterate literate primary middle high secondary university))
(define married-list '(ever-married currently-married currently-single seperated))
(define social-relationship-list '(mother father sister brother spouse children co-wife spouse-mother spouse-father spouse-brother-wife spouse-sister-husband friend neighbour other))
(define social-residence-list '(same other))
(define social-strength-list '(daily weekly monthly less))
;; user interface abstraction
......@@ -182,7 +186,7 @@
;; family
(list 'spouse (list "Spouse"))
(list 'change-id (list "Update ID"))
(list 'change-id (list "Change"))
(list 'head-of-house (list "Head of house"))
(list 'marital-status (list "Marital status"))
(list 'ever-married (list "Ever married"))
......@@ -242,13 +246,41 @@
(list 'town-sell (list "Town or city visits"))
;; geneaology
(list 'mother (list "Mother"))
(list 'father (list "Father"))
(list 'change-mother (list "Change mother"))
(list 'change-father (list "Change father"))
(list 'alive (list "Alive"))
(list 'sex (list "Sex"))
;; social
(list 'social-one (list "One"))
(list 'social-two (list "Two"))
(list 'social-three (list "Three"))
(list 'social-four (list "Four"))
(list 'social-five (list "Five"))
(list 'social-relationship (list "Relationship"))
(list 'social-residence (list "Residence"))
(list 'social-strength (list "Strength"))
(list 'mother (list "Mother"))
(list 'father (list "Father"))
(list 'sister (list "Sister"))
(list 'brother (list "Brother"))
(list 'spouse (list "Spouse"))
(list 'children (list "Children"))
(list 'co-wife (list "Co-wife"))
(list 'spouse-mother (list "Spouse's mother"))
(list 'spouse-father (list "Spouse's father"))
(list 'spouse-brother-wife (list "Spouse's brother's wife"))
(list 'spouse-sister-husband (list "Spouse's sister's husband"))
(list 'friend (list "Friend"))
(list 'neighbour (list "Neighbour"))
(list 'same (list "Same"))
(list 'daily (list "Daily"))
(list 'weekly (list "Weekly"))
(list 'monthly (list "Monthly"))
(list 'less (list "Less"))
(define individual-ktvlist
......@@ -531,6 +563,20 @@
(filter-set! filter)
(list (start-activity "individual-chooser" request-code ""))))))
(define (build-small-person-selector id key filter request-code)
(mtitle id)
(image-view (make-id (string-append (symbol->string id) "-image"))
"face" (layout 120 160 -1 'centre 0))
(make-id (string-append "change-" (symbol->string id)))
(mtext-lookup 'change-id)
40 (layout 'fill-parent 'wrap-content -1 'centre 5)
(lambda ()
(filter-set! filter)
(list (start-activity "individual-chooser" request-code ""))))))
;; from activity on result with request id: choose-code
;; todo determine *which* selector this came from...
(define (person-selector-return request-code key choose-code)
......@@ -549,6 +595,54 @@
(update-widget 'image-view id 'image "face")
(update-widget 'image-view id 'external-image (string-append dirname "files/" image-name))))))
(define (build-social-connection id key type request-code)
(let ((id-text (string-append (symbol->string id))))
(build-small-person-selector id key (list) request-code)
(string->symbol (string-append id-text "-relationship"))
(lambda (v)
(entity-set-value! (string-append key "-relationship") "varchar" v) '()))
(string->symbol (string-append id-text "-residence"))
(lambda (v)
(entity-set-value! (string-append key "-residence") "varchar" v) '()))
(text-view 0 (mtext-lookup 'social-strength)
30 (layout 'wrap-content 'wrap-content 1 'centre 10))
(make-id (dbg (string-append id-text "-strength")))
(map mtext-lookup social-strength-list)
(layout 'wrap-content 'wrap-content 1 'centre 0)
(lambda (v)
(entity-set-value! (string-append key "-strength") "varchar" v) '()))))))
(define (social-connection-return request-code key choose-code)
(when (eqv? request-code choose-code)
(entity-set-value! key "varchar" (get-current 'choose-result "not set"))))
(define (update-social-connection db table id key type request-code)
(let ((id-text (string-append (symbol->string id))))
;;(update-person-selector db table id key)
(string->symbol (string-append id-text "-relationship"))
(string-append key "-relationship")
; (mupdate-spinner-other
; (string->symbol (string-append id-text "-residence"))
; (string-append key "-residence")
; social-residence-list)
; (mupdate-spinner
; (string->symbol (dbg (string-append id-text "-strength")))
; (string-append key "-strength")
; social-strength-list)
;; activities
......@@ -558,6 +652,12 @@
(define mother-request-code 996)
(define father-request-code 995)
(define social-request-code-one 994)
(define social-request-code-two 993)
(define social-request-code-three 992)
(define social-request-code-four 991)
(define social-request-code-five 990)
......@@ -1013,16 +1113,33 @@
(build-social-connection 'social-one "social-one" "friend" social-request-code-one)
(build-social-connection 'social-two "social-two" "friend" social-request-code-two)
(build-social-connection 'social-three "social-three" "friend" social-request-code-three)
(build-social-connection 'social-four "social-four" "friend" social-request-code-four)
(build-social-connection 'social-five "social-five" "friend" social-request-code-five)
(lambda (activity arg)
(set-current! 'activity-title "Individual social network")
(activity-layout activity))
(lambda (activity arg) '())
(lambda (activity arg)
(update-social-connection db "sync" 'social-one "social-one" "friend" social-request-code-one)
(update-social-connection db "sync" 'social-two "social-two" "friend" social-request-code-two)
(update-social-connection db "sync" 'social-three "social-three" "friend" social-request-code-three)
(update-social-connection db "sync" 'social-four "social-four" "friend" social-request-code-four)
(update-social-connection db "sync" 'social-five "social-five" "friend" social-request-code-five)))
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity requestcode resultcode) '()))
(lambda (activity requestcode resultcode)
(social-connection-return requestcode "social-one" social-request-code-one)
(social-connection-return requestcode "social-two" social-request-code-two)
(social-connection-return requestcode "social-three" social-request-code-three)
(social-connection-return requestcode "social-four" social-request-code-four)
(social-connection-return requestcode "social-five" social-request-code-five)
......@@ -1036,7 +1153,8 @@
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity requestcode resultcode) '()))
(lambda (activity requestcode resultcode)
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