Commit 598d9cc2 authored by Dave Griffiths's avatar Dave Griffiths
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image sync functional

parent 33e722e9
......@@ -185,14 +185,18 @@
;; todo fix all hardcoded paths here
(define (send-files ktvlist)
(msg "send-files" ktvlist)
(lambda (ktv r)
(msg (ktv-type ktv))
(if (equal? (ktv-type ktv) "file")
(msg "sending" (ktv-value ktv))
(cons (http-upload
(string-append "upload-" (ktv-value ktv))
(string-append "/sdcard/symbai/files/" (ktv-value ktv)))
'() ktvlist))
......@@ -210,62 +214,69 @@
(string-append "req-" (list-ref (car e) 1))
(build-url-from-entity table e)
(lambda (v)
(msg "in spit..." v)
((or (equal? (car v) "inserted") (equal? (car v) "match"))
(update-entity-clean db table (cadr v))
(send-files e)
(debug! (string-append "Uploaded " (car (car e))))))
(debug! (string-append "Uploaded " (car (car e)))))
((equal? (car v) "no change")
(debug! (string-append "No change for " (car (car e)))))
((equal? (car v) "updated")
;; send new files hereish
(update-entity-clean db table (cadr v))
(send-files e)
(debug! (string-append "Updated changed " (car (car e))))))
(debug! (string-append "Updated changed " (car (car e)))))
(debug! (string-append
"Problem uploading "
(car (car e)) " : " (car v)))))
;; check for file uploads
(if (or (equal? (car v) "updated")
(equal? (car v) "inserted")
(equal? (car v) "match"))
(send-files (cadr e)) ;; takes a ktvlist
(update-widget 'text-view (get-id "sync-dirty") 'text (build-dirty db))))))
(update-widget 'text-view (get-id "sync-dirty") 'text (build-dirty db)))))))
(msg "request files")
;; todo fix all hardcoded paths here
(define (request-files ktvlist)
(msg "request-files")
(lambda (ktv r)
(if (equal? (ktv-type ktv) "file")
(msg "requesting" (ktv-value ktv))
(cons (http-download
(string-append "download-" (ktv-value ktv))
(string-append "" (ktv-value ktv))
(string-append "/sdcard/symbai/files/" (ktv-value ktv)))
'() ktvlist))
(msg "suck ent")
(define (suck-entity-from-server db table unique-id exists)
(define (suck-entity-from-server db table unique-id)
;; ask for the current version
(string-append unique-id "-update-new")
(string-append url "fn=entity&table=" table "&unique-id=" unique-id)
(lambda (data)
;; check "sync-insert" in raspberry pi-side for the contents of 'entity'
(let ((entity (list-ref data 0))
(ktvlist (list-ref data 1)))
(let* ((entity (list-ref data 0))
(ktvlist (list-ref data 1))
(unique-id (list-ref entity 1))
(exists (entity-exists? db table unique-id)))
;; need to check exists again here, due to delays back and forth
(if (not exists)
db table
(list-ref entity 0) ;; entity-type
(list-ref entity 1) ;; unique-id
0 ;; dirty
(list-ref entity 2) ;; version
......@@ -273,12 +284,14 @@
db table (get-entity-id db table unique-id)
(list-ref entity 2) ktvlist))
(debug! (string-append (if exists "Got new: " "Updated: ") (ktv-get ktvlist "name")))
(request-files ktvlist)
(update-widget 'text-view (get-id "sync-dirty") 'text (build-dirty db)))))))
(update-widget 'text-view (get-id "sync-dirty") 'text (build-dirty db))
(request-files ktvlist))))))
;; repeatedly read version and request updates
(define (suck-new db table)
(msg "suck-new")
(debug! "Requesting new entities")
......@@ -298,7 +311,7 @@
;; if we don't have this entity or the version on the server is newer
(if (or (not exists) old)
(cons (suck-entity-from-server db table unique-id exists) r)
(cons (suck-entity-from-server db table unique-id) r)
......@@ -329,6 +342,7 @@
"Stream data: " (number->string (car stream)) "/" (number->string (cadr stream)))))
(define (upload-dirty db)
(msg "upload-dirty")
(let ((r (append
(spit db "sync" (dirty-entities db "sync"))
(spit db "stream" (dirty-entities db "stream")))))
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
(ktv "user-id" "varchar" "No name yet...")))
(define entity-types '())
(define entity-types (list "village"))
;;(display (db-all db "local" "app-settings"))(newline)
......@@ -395,13 +395,14 @@
(set-current! 'download 0)
(lambda ()
(msg "connected, going in...")
(list (toast "sync-cb"))
(upload-dirty db)
(suck-new db "sync")))))
(else '()))
(delayed "debug-timer" (+ 5000 (random 5000)) debug-timer-cb)
(delayed "debug-timer" (+ 10000 (random 5000)) debug-timer-cb)
......@@ -1026,7 +1027,7 @@
(text-view (make-id "sync-title") "Sync database" 40 fillwrap)
(mtext 'sync-dirty "...")
(mtoggle-button-scale 'sync-all (lambda (v) (set-current! 'sync-on v)))
(mtoggle-button-scale 'sync-all (lambda (v) (set-current! 'sync-on v) '()))
(mbutton-scale 'sync-syncall
(lambda ()
(let ((r (append
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