Commit 4f49a811 authored by Dave Griffiths's avatar Dave Griffiths

filter fix

parent 4c3de7b9
......@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@
(lambda (state)
(debug! (string-append "Raspberry Pi connection state now: " state))
......@@ -1031,7 +1031,7 @@
(define (build-test! db table village-ktvlist household-ktvlist individual-ktvlist)
(lambda (i)
(msg "making village" i)
(let ((village (simpsons-village db table village-ktvlist)))
......@@ -1042,7 +1042,7 @@
(msg "making household" i)
(let ((household (simpsons-household db table village household-ktvlist)))
(+ 5 (random 10))
(+ 2 (random 5))
(lambda (i)
(msg "making individual" i)
(simpsons-individual db table household individual-ktvlist))))))))))
......@@ -502,12 +502,14 @@
(define (update-individual-filter-inner households)
(set! filter-households households)
(set! filter-index 0)
(delayed "filter-delayed" 100 gradual-build))
(define (update-individual-filter)
(let ((households (db-filter-only db "sync" "household"
(list (list "parent" "varchar" "=" (get-setting-value "current-village")))
(list (list "name" "varchar")))))
(msg "UIF" households)
(update-individual-filter-inner households)))
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