Commit 13ae1675 authored by Dave Griffiths's avatar Dave Griffiths
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syncing fixes - seems to work so far

parent a3c63db9
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@
(msg "running spit")
(lambda (e r)
(msg (car (car e)))
;;(msg (car (car e)))
(debug! (string-append "Sending a " (car (car e)) " to Raspberry Pi"))
......@@ -310,6 +310,7 @@
(string-append url "fn=entity-versions&table=" table)
(lambda (data)
(msg "entity-versions:" data)
(let ((r (foldl
(lambda (i r)
(let* ((unique-id (car i))
......@@ -321,6 +322,13 @@
db table
(get-entity-id db table unique-id)))
(msg "suck check entity old=" old)
(msg "version there" version)
(when exists
(msg "version here" (get-entity-version
db table
(get-entity-id db table unique-id))))
;; if we don't have this entity or the version on the server is newer
(if (or (not exists) old)
(cons (suck-entity-from-server db table unique-id) r)
......@@ -188,20 +188,19 @@
'())))) ;;(msg "values for" (ktv-key ktv) "are the same (" (ktv-value ktv) "==" s ")")))))
;; don't make dirty or update version here
(define (update-value-from-sync db table entity-id ktv version)
(define (update-value-from-sync db table entity-id ktv)
(let ((s (select-first
db (string-append
"select value from " table "_value_" (ktv-type ktv) " where entity_id = ? and attribute_id = ?")
entity-id (ktv-key ktv))))
(msg "uvfs")
(msg (ktv-value ktv))
(msg s)
(if (null? s)
(insert-value db table entity-id ktv #t)
(msg "actually updating (fs)" (ktv-key ktv) "to" (ktv-value ktv))
db (string-append "update " table "_value_" (ktv-type ktv)
" set value=?, dirty=0, version=? where entity_id = ? and attribute_id = ?")
(ktv-value ktv) entity-id (ktv-key ktv) (ktv-version ktv)))))
(ktv-value ktv) (ktv-version ktv) entity-id (ktv-key ktv))))))
;; getting data out
......@@ -255,7 +254,6 @@
(lambda (kt)
(let ((vdv (get-value db table entity-id kt)))
(msg vdv)
(if (null? vdv)
(msg "ERROR: get-entity-plain: no value found for " entity-id " " (ktv-key kt))
(list (ktv-key kt) (ktv-type kt)
......@@ -270,7 +268,6 @@
(lambda (kt r)
(msg "kt is" kt)
(let ((vdv (get-value db table entity-id kt)))
((null? vdv)
......@@ -543,11 +540,12 @@
"update " table "_entity set dirty=?, version=version+1 where entity_id = ?")
1 entity-id))
;; set from a sync, so clear dirty - should be anyway
(define (update-entity-version db table entity-id version)
db (string-append
"update " table "_entity set dirty=?, version=? where entity_id = ?")
1 version entity-id))
"update " table "_entity set dirty=0, version=? where entity_id = ?")
version entity-id))
(define (update-entity-clean db table unique-id)
(msg "cleaning")
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