Commit cb938ae7 authored by Francesca Sargent 's avatar Francesca Sargent
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Increased minimum fields for editing Recipe Steps

parent 5a012c2e
......@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ def editrecipe(id):
class F(RecipeEditForm):
name = StringField('Recipe Name', validators=[Required(), Length(0, 64)])
description = PageDownField('Recipe Description')
steps = FieldList(FormField(RecipeStepForm), min_entries=recipe.steps.count())
steps = FieldList(FormField(RecipeStepForm), min_entries=(recipe.steps.count())+1)
cuisines = SplitStringField(validators=[Required()])
methods = SplitStringField(validators=[Required()])
submit = SubmitField('Submit')
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