Commit 5c086901 authored by Francesca Sargent 's avatar Francesca Sargent
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Fixed null ingredient problem

parent cc30dbb4
from import Form
import os
import re
import wtforms
from wtforms import StringField, TextAreaField, BooleanField, SelectField,\
SubmitField, FormField, IntegerField, FloatField, FieldList, Field
......@@ -10,21 +11,37 @@ from .. import db
from ..models import Role, User, Cuisine, Recipe, RecipeSteps, Method, Ingredient
def chomp(s):
return s[:-1] if s.endswith(',') else s
class NameForm(Form):
name = StringField('What is your name?', validators=[Required()])
submit = SubmitField('Submit')
class SplitStringField(StringField):
def process_formdata(self, valuelist):
if valuelist:
if len(valuelist) == 1 and valuelist[0] == '': = []
else: = [x.strip() for x in valuelist[0].split(',')]
valuelist = chomp(valuelist[0])
print valuelist
data = [x.strip() for x in valuelist.split(',')]
for i, s in enumerate(data):
word = s
regexp = re.compile(r'^[,.]*$')
if is not None:
s = []
data.append(s) = data
else: = []
class EditProfileForm(Form):
name = StringField('Real name', validators=[Length(0, 64)])
location = StringField('Location', validators=[Length(0, 64)])
......@@ -374,13 +374,12 @@ def recipe(id):
for ingredient in step.ingredients:
if in ingredients:
print "match"
print ''
ingredients = list(set(ingredients))
print ingredients
......@@ -503,7 +502,6 @@ def editrecipe(id): = returnListed(recipe.methods)
for i, step in enumerate(recipe.steps):
print "Step "+str(step.step_id)+" ingredients:", returnListed(step.ingredients)
form.steps[i] = returnListed(step.ingredients)
for i in range(0, recipe.steps.count()):
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