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review validation works for lists and removed lat/lon/user/time

parent 320d6d4b
......@@ -197,19 +197,21 @@
(define (string-split-simple str delim)
(let ((r (foldl
(lambda (c r)
((eqv? c delim)
(list "" (append (cadr r) (list (car r)))))
(list (string-append (car r) (string c))
(cadr r)))))
(list "" '())
(string->list str))))
(if (equal? (car r) "")
(cadr r)
(append (cadr r) (list (car r))))))
(string-split str (list delim)))
; (let ((r (foldl
; (lambda (c r)
; (cond
; ((eqv? c delim)
; (list "" (append (cadr r) (list (car r)))))
; (else
; (list (string-append (car r) (string c))
; (cadr r)))))
; (list "" '())
; (string->list str))))
; (if (equal? (car r) "")
; (cadr r)
; (append (cadr r) (list (car r))))))
;; syncing code
......@@ -338,6 +338,16 @@
(define (string-remove-whitespace str)
(define (_ i)
((>= i (string-length str)) "")
((char-whitespace? (string-ref str i))
(_ (+ i 1)))
(else (string-append (string (string-ref str i))
(_ (+ i 1))))))
(_ 0))
(define (string-split str . rest)
; maxsplit is a positive number
(define (split-by-whitespace str maxsplit)
......@@ -446,7 +446,10 @@
;; review
(define (ktv-key-is-id? ktv)
(equal? (substring (ktv-key ktv) 0 3) "id-"))
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "pack")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "present")
(equal? (substring (ktv-key ktv) 0 3) "id-")))
;; search for a comma in a list of ids
(define (ktv-value-is-list? ktv)
......@@ -456,42 +459,75 @@
(string->list (ktv-value ktv))))
(define (uid->name uid)
(let* ((entity-id (entity-id-from-unique db "sync" uid)))
(ktv-get (get-entity-only db "sync" entity-id
(list (list "name" "varchar")))
(define (review-build-id ktv)
(let* ((uid (ktv-value ktv))
(entity-id (entity-id-from-unique db "sync" uid))
(type (get-entity-type db "sync" entity-id))
(name (ktv-get (get-entity-only db "sync" entity-id
(list (list "name" "varchar")))
(msg (ktv-value ktv) entity-id type name)
(list (medit-text-value
(string-append (ktv-value ktv) (ktv-key ktv))
(ktv-key ktv)
(uid->name (ktv-value ktv)) "normal"
(lambda (v)
(entity-set-value! (ktv-key ktv) (ktv-type ktv) v)
(define (review-build-list ktv)
(let ((ids (string-split-simple (ktv-value ktv) #\,)))
(list (medit-text-value
(string-append uid (ktv-key ktv))
(ktv-key ktv)
name "normal"
(ktv-key ktv)
(lambda (id r)
(if (equal? r "")
(uid->name id)
(string-append r ", " (uid->name id))))
(lambda (v)
(entity-set-value! (ktv-key ktv) (ktv-type ktv) v)
(define (convert-id name)
(let ((new-entity (db-filter-only
db "sync" "*"
(list (list "name" "varchar" "=" name))
(msg "in convert-id")
(msg new-entity)
(if (null? new-entity)
(ktv-get (car new-entity) "unique_id"))))
(let ((name (string-remove-whitespace name)))
;; search for unique id first
(if (entity-exists? db "sync" name)
(let ((new-entity (db-filter-only
db "sync" "*"
(list (list "name" "varchar" "=" name))
(if (null? new-entity)
(ktv-get (car new-entity) "unique_id"))))))
(define (convert-id-list str)
(let ((names (string-split-simple str #\,)))
(lambda (name r)
(if (string? r)
(let ((id (convert-id name)))
(if id
(if (equal? r "") id (string-append r "," id))
"" names)))
;; replace entity with names -> uids, or name of not found
(define (review-validate-contents uid entity)
(msg "review-validate-contents")
(lambda (ktv r)
((string? r) r) ;; we have already found an error
((ktv-key-is-id? ktv)
(let ((replacement (convert-id (ktv-value ktv))))
(let ((replacement
(if (ktv-value-is-list? ktv)
(convert-id-list (ktv-value ktv))
(convert-id (ktv-value ktv)))))
(if replacement
(cons (list (ktv-key ktv) (ktv-type ktv) replacement) r)
;; ditch the entity and return error
......@@ -502,24 +538,24 @@
(define (review-build-contents uid entity)
(msg "review-build-contents")
(lambda (ktv r)
(msg ktv)
r (cond
((or (equal? (ktv-key ktv) "parent")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "unique_id")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "deleted")) '())
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "user")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "lat")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "lon")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "time")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "parent")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "unique_id")
(equal? (ktv-key ktv) "deleted")) '())
((equal? (ktv-type ktv) "varchar")
(msg "building review varchar")
(if (ktv-key-is-id? ktv)
;;(if (ktv-value-is-list? ktv)
(msg "we have an id...")
(review-build-id ktv))
;; (review-build-list ktv))
(if (ktv-value-is-list? ktv)
(review-build-list ktv)
(review-build-id ktv))
;; normal varchar
(list (medit-text-value (string-append uid (ktv-key ktv))
(ktv-key ktv)
......@@ -550,7 +586,6 @@
(mbutton (string-append uid "-save") "Save"
(lambda ()
(let ((new-entity (review-validate-contents uid (get-current 'entity-values '()))))
(msg "from review-validate-contents:" new-entity)
((list? new-entity)
;; replace with converted ids
......@@ -561,7 +596,7 @@
(string-append "Mongoose " new-entity " not found!")
(string-append "Can't find mongoose or pack: " new-entity)
(lambda (v)
((eqv? v 1) (list))
......@@ -570,7 +605,6 @@
(define (review-item-build)
(let ((uid (entity-get-value "unique_id")))
(msg "review-item-build" uid)
......@@ -1007,7 +1041,6 @@
(mbutton "pf-grpint-done" "Done"
(lambda ()
(msg "entity-record-values about to be called?")
(list (replace-fragment (get-id "event-holder") "events"))))
(mbutton "pf-grpint-cancel" "Cancel"
......@@ -1382,8 +1415,8 @@
(entity-update-single-value! (ktv "id-escort" "varchar" (assemble-array individuals)))
(get-grid-select-init-state "id-escort"))
(update-widget 'spinner (get-id "gc-pup-strength") 'selection (dbg (spinner-index list-strength (dbg (entity-get-value "strength")))))
(update-widget 'spinner (get-id "gc-pup-accuracy") 'selection (spinner-index list-strength (dbg (entity-get-value "accurate"))))
(update-widget 'spinner (get-id "gc-pup-strength") 'selection (spinner-index list-strength (entity-get-value "strength")))
(update-widget 'spinner (get-id "gc-pup-accuracy") 'selection (spinner-index list-strength (entity-get-value "accurate")))
(update-grid-selector-enabled "gc-pup-escort" (get-current 'gc-present '()))
(update-grid-selector-checked "gc-pup-escort" "id-escort")
......@@ -1561,13 +1594,13 @@
(let ((user-id (ktv-get (get-entity db "local" 1) "user-id")))
(set-current! 'user-id user-id)
(msg "on-start 2")
(dbg (list
(gps-start "gps" (lambda (loc)
(gps-start "gps" (lambda (loc)
(set-current! 'location loc)
(list (toast (string-append
(number->string (car loc)) ", "
(number->string (cadr loc)))))))
(update-widget 'edit-text (get-id "main-id-text") 'text user-id)))))
(update-widget 'edit-text (get-id "main-id-text") 'text user-id))))
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
(lambda (activity) '())
......@@ -95,10 +95,10 @@
(define (filter-entities db table type filter)
(let ((s (apply
(dbg (append
(list db (build-query table filter (not (equal? type "*"))))
(build-args filter)
(if (equal? type "*") '() (list type))))))
(if (equal? type "*") '() (list type)))))))
(msg (db-status db))
(if (null? s)
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