Commit 89ceacbb authored by Dave Griffiths's avatar Dave Griffiths
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group composition, pregnant working...

parent fc0f0b24
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@
(define (string-strip str delim)
(define (string-split-simple str delim)
(let ((r (foldl
(lambda (c r)
......@@ -261,11 +261,14 @@
'set-enabled 0))
(define (update-grid-selector-checked id items)
(define (update-grid-selector-checked id items-id)
(let ((items-str (entity-get-value items-id)))
(if items-str
(lambda (item)
(update-widget 'toggle-button (get-id (string-append id item)) 'checked 1))
(string-split-simple items-str #\,))
(define (db-mongooses-by-pack)
......@@ -1025,7 +1028,7 @@
(build-grid-selector "gc-start-present" "toggle" "Who's present?")
(next-button "gc-start-" "Go to weighing, have you finished here?" "gc-start" "gc-weights"
(lambda ()
(set-current! 'gc-present (string-strip (entity-get-value "present") #\,))
(set-current! 'gc-present (string-split-simple (entity-get-value "present") #\,))
(msg "exiting start")
......@@ -1047,7 +1050,7 @@
(entity-set-value! "present" "varchar" (assemble-array individuals))
(get-current 'gc-present '())))
(update-grid-selector-checked "gc-start-present" (get-current 'gc-present '())))
(update-grid-selector-checked "gc-start-present" "present"))
(lambda (fragment) '())
(lambda (fragment) '())
......@@ -1143,13 +1146,17 @@
(lambda (fragment arg)
(activity-layout fragment))
(lambda (fragment arg)
"gc-preg-choose" "toggle"
(db-mongooses-by-pack-female) #f
(lambda (individual)
(lambda (individuals)
(entity-update-single-value! (ktv "pregnant" "varchar" (assemble-array individuals)))
(update-grid-selector-enabled "gc-preg-choose" (get-current 'gc-present '()))
(update-grid-selector-checked "gc-preg-choose" "pregnant")))
(lambda (fragment) '())
(lambda (fragment) '())
(lambda (fragment) '())
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