Commit b70f2864 authored by dave griffiths's avatar dave griffiths
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parent 585f86a1
import driver
import time
import osc
def lookup(code):
if code==0: return " "
if code==1: return "a"
if code==2: return "b"
if code==3: return "c"
if code==4: return "d"
if code==5: return "+"
if code==6: return "-"
if code==7: return ">"
if code==8: return "<"
if code==9: return "A"
if code==10: return "B"
if code==11: return "C"
if code==12: return "D"
if code==13: return "["
if code==14: return "]"
if code==15: return " "
def send_lz(blocks,last):
conv = ""
for block in blocks[0:24]:
conv += lookup(block)
if last!=conv:
print conv
osc.Message("/eval",["(lz-prog l 0 \""+conv+"\")"]).sendlocal(8000)
return last
last = ""
while 1:
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