Commit 15180811 authored by Dave Griffiths's avatar Dave Griffiths
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social screen nearl all working...

parent d700c454
......@@ -151,7 +151,9 @@
(update-entity db table (entity-id-from-unique db table unique-id) values)
(msg "updated " unique-id)
(msg values)
;; removed due to save button no longer exiting activity - need to keep!
(msg "no values or no id to update as entity:" unique-id "values:" values))))))
......@@ -628,15 +628,15 @@
(define (update-social-connection db table id key type request-code)
(let ((id-text (string-append (symbol->string id))))
;;(update-person-selector db table id key)
(update-person-selector db table id key)
(string->symbol (string-append id-text "-relationship"))
(string-append key "-relationship")
; (mupdate-spinner-other
; (string->symbol (string-append id-text "-residence"))
; (string-append key "-residence")
; social-residence-list)
(string->symbol (string-append id-text "-residence"))
(string-append key "-residence")
; (mupdate-spinner
; (string->symbol (dbg (string-append id-text "-strength")))
; (string-append key "-strength")
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